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2015 Spring Conference

2015 Spring Conference – “Investing in Our Employees, Investing in Our Future”

Monday, May 4, 2015, Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center –


The 2015 Spring Conference was a huge success!  Thank you to Jeff Palen and the Spring Conference Committee for planning and presenting an outstanding event!  The GFOASC would like to also thank the many volunteers, sponsors and vendors for supporting this event.  Listed below are links to some of the sessions that were presented at the 2015 Spring Conference.

The Fall Conference Committee is planning an exciting program for the Fall Conference in Myrtle Beach, October 16-19, 2016. Mark your calendar, we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Presentation Informational Sessions:

General Session, Keynote Address – The 2015 Economy – Looking for the Yellow Brick RoadDr. Bruce Yandle
General Session – The Science and Technology Race to 2048 – Dr. T. Scott Little
Concurrent Session I – Adventures on the High Seas of Public Finance: A Rollicking Journey to the Edge of Debt Capacity – Brent Robertson; Ray Jones
Concurrent Session I – Moving from Mechanic to Analyst, Reporting in the SCEIS – John Taylor
Concurrent Session I – Sales and Use Taxes in South Carolina – Jennifer Gagnon
Concurrent Session I – Department of Education Title IV Audit – Lessons Learned – Jacqui DiMaggio
Concurrent Session II – Bone Issuance, Muni Advisor Rule and Continuing Disclosure – Lawrence Flynn & Walter Goldsmith
Concurrent Session II – Merchant Services: Mandated EMV/Chip & Pin Implementation for 2015 – Brad Hench
Concurrent Session II – State of South Carolina Reporting Package Update – Fiscal Year – End 2015 (State of SC Employees Only) – David Starkey, CPA; Laura Showe; John Morrison, CPA; J.Evan Mitchell, CPA
Concurrent Session II – GASB 68: An Educational Overview – Ashley Brindle
Concurrent Session III – Investing in Our Most Important Asset, OUR EMPLOYEES – Pam Benjamin; Lori Adler; Dwight Hanna; Nathan Strong; Kevin Paul; Tonya Chambers
Concurrent Session III – Getting Ready for the Auditors & GASB 68 from the Employer’s Perspective – Laura Self, CPA
Concurrent Session III – Financing Energy Improvements: Save Energy and Money – Jennifer Satterthwaite; Trish Jerman
Concurrent Session III – ACA Reporting for 2015 – Denise Hunter & Jim Rourke
General Session – What’s My Return on These Assets? – Glen Ward