Government Finance Officers Association of South Carolina – since 1984

2014 CPE

2014 CPE Class Schedule:

June 12, 2014 CPE Class
Session Title: Financial Reporting and Audits Instructor: Mr. Larry Finney
CPE Units: 8

Description: The financial reporting model for governments has changed to due to some new GASBs. We will review the model, including some updates to the component unit, look at an overview of fund accounting, review in detail basic financial statements and a CAFR, review a popular report (should you be preparing one?), discuss single audits, procurement audits and agreed upon procedures, and discuss the risk-based audit model, including materiality, and what risks the auditee and auditor are responsible for.

July 21, 2014 CPE Class
Session Title: How about “Financial Reporting Controls and the Implementation of New Standards”
Instructor: Mr. Steve Blake
CPE units: 8

Description: In this session we will discuss the controls related to the preparation of the annual financial statement which will be the subject of the annual financial and compliance audits. We will discuss the new GASB standards going into effect for June 30, 2014 and the various types of audits and therefore the various types of control systems needed to complete the preparation of the financial statement. The Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards will be discussed and the necessary information needed to prepare it.

Certain risk assessment criteria will be discussed and practical applications will be addressed.

August 21, 2014 CPE Class
Session Title: Ethics, Principles and Professional Responsibility and CAFR Preparation
Instructor: George Kennedy

Ethics, Principles and Professional Responsibility

  • Profession and Professionalism
  • Defining Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Culture
  • Public Interest
  • Fraud
  • Requirements for Licensed Accounting Professionals in SC
  • Case Studies

CAFR Preparation

  • CAFR Requirements
  • Benefits of a CAFR
  • Components of a CAFR
  • Best Practices
  • Resources for CAFR Preparation