Government Finance Officers Association of South Carolina – since 1984

Committee Contact List

Below is the list of standing committees for the GFOASC. If you need information or have questions concerning the topics below please contact the appropriate committee chairperson.

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*Indicates chairperson

Executive Committee – Contact Executive Committee

*Nika Simmons

Alillian Trull

Robin Capers

Larry Christopher

Allison Williams

Nominating Committee – Contact the Nominating Committee

*Allison Williams

Membership Committee – Contact the Membership Committee

*Angela Graham

Program Committee – Contact the Program Committee

*Mark Barnes

Financial Review Committee – Contact the Financial Review Committee

*Tiffany Brown

Certification Committee – Contact the Certification Committee

*Angie McInchok

Scholarship Committee – Contact Scholarship Committee

*Patrick Jarvis

Professional Ethics Committee – Contact the Professional Ethics Committee

*Stacey Hamm

Spring Committee – Contact the Spring Committee

*Ben Galloway

Fall Committee – Contact the Fall Committee

*Alillian Trull

Policies & Procedures Committee – Contact the Policies & Procedures Committee

*Matt Evans