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Job Details

Comptroller - 0223


Job Description:


Under limited direction and in compliance with technical, administrative, regulatory, or
professional standards and guidelines, provides financial data results for the City of
Greenville. Maintain General Accounting Records by establishing overall account
structure, review data entered into general ledger, schedule and monitor monthly and
annual closing of books. Prepare or review interim and annual financial reports, provide
City Departments with expenditure reports and answer questions regarding balances.
Meet with staff, resolve problems, schedule activities, make assignments, and conduct
performance reviews. Review biweekly City and monthly Firefighter's Pension payroll
data and coordinate funding needs. Serve as Assistant Treasurer of the Greenville
Transit Authority (GTA). Attend monthly GTA board meetings. Review monthly property
tax reconciliations for taxes collected by Greenville County. Coordinate annual audit for
City. Prepare and review schedules for financial statements. Manage cash and
investments including cash flow considerations and contact with banking institutions.
Manage outstanding debt issues including monthly funding requirements. Review
capital asset records including acquisitions, disposals, transfers and annual
construction work in process.


Essential Functions % of Time

Maintain General Accounting Records: Review requests and
account activity for errors and/or adjustments needed. Assign entries to
Senior Accountants to prepare. Review journal entries and budget
adjustments prepared by Senior Accountants. Review weekly accounts
payable edit reports for unusual items. Review bi-weekly and monthly
payroll reports. Review monthly capital asset entries and verify
agreement to general ledger. Review supplemental ordinances for
adjustments, development agreements and annexation processing.
Review budget and CIP and verify agreement with financial software.
Review monthly financial reports. 30%

Prepare Interim and Annual Reports: Review monthly Key Financial
Indicator report for City Council and post to website. Review monthly
accounts payable transparency data and post to website. Prepare and
oversee annual audit for City. Prepare and/or review various financial
statements, schedules, and reports for auditors. Prepare and/or proof
Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) and submit to
Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for Certificate of
Excellence Program. Prepare and submit Popular Annual Financial
Report (PAFR) to GFOA for Certificate of Achievement. Review GTA
financial statements in conjunction with annual audit. Verify submission
of Data Collection Forms regarding federal funds. Review W2, 1099 R,
1099 NEC, and 1099 MISC reports and forms before printing,
distribution and submission to the proper individual/agencies. Review
and/or prepare annual information for actuarial studies for the
Firefighter's Pension Fund and other postemployment benefits. Assist
with other compliance reviews including federal funds, workers
compensation, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), etc.20%

Manage Outstanding Debt Issues: Review and approve monthly
bond debt service wires. Review monthly debt service bank account
reconciliations. Review journal entries for new long-term debt. Review
annual debt roll forward schedule for audit. Review and/or prepare debt
coverage ratio for compliance review. Review annual subscription
based Information Technology (IT) arrangements for financial statement
inclusion and set up in Debtbook. Review lease agreements for
inclusion in Debtbook and financial statements. 20%

Manage Property Tax Collections and Intergovernmental
Agreements: Review monthly tax reports received from Greenville
County. Review monthly revenue entries for the general and
stormwater funds. Review tax receivable balances annually and adjust
monthly as needed. Review Verdae Tax District collections for annual
payment computation. Review Wade Hampton, Parker, Gantt and
Greater Greenville Sanitation annexation collections for annual
payment computation. Review synthetic TIF tax collections and annual
payment computations. 20%

Maintain Cash and Investments: Review cash flow daily. Approve
Automated Clearing House (ACHs) and Wire Transfer transaction for
weekly insurance claims, monthly insurance premiums and debt service
funding requirements, bi-weekly and monthly payroll funding including
tax and deferred compensation payments, monthly retirement
contributions to the state plan and semi-annual bond and note payable
payments. Review revenue collections and coordinate with revenue
division for incoming funds. Review weekly accounts payable totals for
funding needed. Review monthly reconciliation of investments held
outside of the SC Local Investment Pool (LGIP). Reconcile monthly
report from LGIP and prepare journal entries. Review Payment Card
Industry (PCI) policies and review annual training in revenue centers of
the City. Seek out investments to maximize interest earnings without
jeopardizing corpus funds for City. 10%

Perform other duties as assigned.




Job Requirements
Bachelor's degree or equivalent in accounting or a related field.

Over six (6) years of experience in managing and supervising the accounting
function in an organization.

Preferred Qualifications
Specific experience in a municipal setting.
Certified Government Finance Officer or CPA.

Driver's License Requirements
Valid South Carolina Class D Driver's License.

Performance Requirements
Knowledge of:
Laws and ordinances governing municipal government accounting, payroll,
budgeting and accounting controls.
Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Financial Accounting
Standards Board (FASB), and Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)
standards, recommended practices and policies, rules and regulatory reporting
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Generally Accepted Auditing
Standards related to municipal financial and compliance reporting.
Financial and accounting practices and methods involved in the receipt,
investment, and disbursement of municipal funds.
Financial and auditing principles and practices, internal control systems and
procedures, and budget management.
Principles and practices of public personnel administration.
Fund accounting, auditing, and reporting requirements.
The principles and practices of governmental accounting, finance and budgeting
and the ability to apply these accurately.

Ability to:
Interpret and apply pertinent laws and regulations as they relate to municipal
Understand, interpret and apply accounting standards and procedures,
applicable federal rules and regulations, and City policies and procedures.
Make sound, logical interpretations of complex codes and regulations laws, and
Successfully implement and manage a consistent, periodic financial accounting
and reporting cycle.
Prepare accurate and reliable reports containing facts, findings, conclusion, and
Interpret complex fiscal reports and records, analyze financial data and
determine appropriate accounting methods for control and reporting purposes.
Plan, organize and supervise the work of professional staff and other accounting

Prepare special and regular financial and statistical reports.
Handle confidential employee and administrative information with tact and
discretion; maintain confidentiality.
Provide supervision, leadership, training and work direction for assigned staff.
Apply the highest level of creative thinking, complex analysis, and reasoning to
originate and develop innovative program or production concepts, techniques or
procedures which can have a major impact on the nature and quality of
programming or operations.
Competently address situations that are often unique where precedents and/or
prescribed solutions do not exist.
Demonstrate a high degree of integrity and good judgement in the conduct of
assigned tasks.
Communicate at a superior level verbally and in writing, including capacity to
communicate complex ideas compellingly to a variety of audiences.
Establish and maintain excellent and effective professional working relationships
with City Manager, department directors, staff, Council, other municipal
governments, provincial agencies, and members of the public.
Work collaboratively across departments and be responsive to internal and
external inquiries.
Use tact, initiative, prudence, and independent judgment within general policy,
procedural, and legal guidelines.
At an advanced level read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals,
professional journals, technical journals and procedures, financial reports, legal
documents, and governmental regulations as well as literature, books, reviews,
reports, and abstracts.
Work with advanced mathematical operations methods and functions of real and
complex variables.
At an advanced level write policies, contracts, speeches, formal presentations,
and/or technical and legal documents and correspondence.
Operate general office equipment to include scanner, printer, copier, telephone,
calculator, and computer with Microsoft Office Suite.
Utilize specialized software and systems to include financial software.

Contact Information

Jana Sains
Phone: NA
Fax: NA
[email protected]


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